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Celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival

14 June, 2022 09:42:24

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is a traditional Chinese festival - the Dragon Boat Festival, it is one of the ancient festivals which has been celebrated by Chinese people for more than 2,000 years. On the Dragon Boat Festival, people will make rice dumplings, race dragon boats, and drink realgar wine. It is said that these activities are in memory of the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan.

According to legend, Qu Yuan was exiled after being framed by a villain. During his exile, his motherland was invaded. With great sorrow he committed suicide holding a heavy stone into the Miluo River. After his death, people poured rice wrapped in leaves into the river and poured realgar wine, hope that the fish, lobster and crab in the river will not eat Qu Yuan's body. Therefore, every year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, people will commemorate Qu Yuan.

In this year's Dragon Boat Festival, Ruizhi also prepared Dragon Boat Festival gifts for employees. Mr. Zhou, who received the gift, said very happily: “The Dragon Boat Festival gifts are all our daily needs, and the name of each employee is printed on the thermos cup, which is very heart-warming.” These gifts greatly enhance the bond between the company and employees. All the employees, especially those from other cities, had enjoyed the warmth of the Ruizhi family.