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automatic high speed square bottom paper bag machine(patch bag)

Properties and uses
This machine is used for roll raw color paper or printing roll paper such as Kraft paper food paper and other paper rolls. This machine completes the paper bag process at one time. By automatic paper roll tension control system roll correction patch bag positioning gluing pasting patch  automatic center gluing raw material into into the shape of the barrel open the hole of patch bag fixed long cut bottom indentation bottom folding bottom gluing bottom forming finished bag collection paper bags completed at one time. Operation is more convenient more efficient more stable.It could produce a variety of different paper bags like leisure food bags bread bags dry fruit bags and other environmentally friendly paper bags.

MTED Advantages
1. Use France SCHNEIDER touch screen human-computer interface making the machine easy to operate and control.
2. Adopt Germany original LENZE PC controller integrated with optical fiber. Thus ensure stable and high speed running.
3. Adopt Germany original LENZE servo motor and German original SICK photoelectric eye in correction tracking the size of printing bag accurately.
4. Patch bag function adopts a complete set of German original LENZE servo motor. Through integration with optical fiber it works with the German original REXROTH motion controller (PC).
5. Automatic hole-punching adopts Germany original LENZE servo motor.
6. Raw material loading adopts hydraulic auto-lifting structure. Unwind unit adopts auto tension control.
7.Use Italy SELECTRA material edge rectify system substantially cut off the edge alignment time.

Technical parameter 

Model RZFD-330D
Cutting length 270-530m
Bag width 120-330mm
Bottom width 60-180mm
Paper thickness 80-150g/㎡
Machine Speed 30-220pcs/min
Paper bag speed 30-200pcs/min
Patch Bag width 190-330mm
Patch Handle length 75/85mm
Paige bag paper thickness 80-150g/㎡
Paige bag film thickness 40-70µm
Paige bag roll width 130mm
Paige bag roll straight 500mm
Patch Bag speed 30-130pcs/min
Paper roll width 450-1050mm
Roll paper diameter φ1200mm
Machine power 3phase 4 wire 380V 40.58kw
Machine weight 11800kg
Machine size 16000x2200x2600mm